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Trackton is a powerful and feature rich water jet loom tracking software that tracks the manufacturing process and gives detailed reports of the produced fabric, stoppage reports, beam-fall OR low beam level reports, operator performance reports, shift wise daily monthly and yearly reports and many more. Let’s get an over view of this loom data monitoring system.

most of the weaving machine units are still not using advanced loom data weaving monitoring system to track the performance which ultimately results in poor performance and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) reports. But if one is able to get an overview of the loom machines from numerous aspects then it will be easy to optimize and do corrections in individual weaving loom machines.

water jet loom tracking software - trackton

Why Trackton?

After years of research, extensive studies and meetings with loom machine unit managers on the issues they were facing, we came to a conclusion that most of the loom weaving machine units were either using traditional tracking methods or not tracking anything at all which planted roots of the next generation advanced loom data weaving monitoring system – Trackton. With our studies and research extract we developed a water jet loom machine tracking software that is powerful and gives exact OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) reports.

Trackton Features

Trackton is a full featured water jet loom data monitoring system that tracks, stores, analyzes and creates managerial reports that can be used to identify the issues in the manufacturing system and perform corrective actions that leads to more production, better, operator performance, minimum downtime in weaving machines and many more. Having a real time tracking of the whole manufacturing unit is a must for any organization that wants to get the maximum out of the limited resources, This is where trackton is useful. One of its kind research based loom data weaving monitoring system that records and generates the most accurate reports possible.

There are numerous loom data monitoring systems (LDS) available in the market today, But a robust solution which can be customized as per the requirement are very few. Trackton is few of those robust loom data systems that can be customized as per the requirements and can be scaled for any number of water jet OR air jet loom machines. Department wise and section wise tracking is also possible with Trackton. Below are few of the primary features of the Trackton loom data weaving monitoring system.

  • Color-coded interface to quickly identify individual loom status and easy readability.
  • Section wise and department wise groups creation.
  • No power, manual stop and filler stop reports (individual machine wise, section wise and overall unit wise)
  • individual loom speed per minute in RPM.
  • Beam level alerts if it reaches the minimum set level.
  • Get the accurate production reports (Generated and Remaining)
  • Get the reports in mail every time the shift change occurs.
  • Blinking cards for the machines which are having low beam levels.

Applicable Machines :-

Trackton loom data monitoring system can work with variety of weaving machines like Power looms, Air jet looms, Jute looms, Water jet looms, Textile weaving house, Rapier looms and many more. If you want a customized solution for your loom shed, contact us on below details and one of our expert will get in touch with you to thoroughly understand your requirements and offer you the best possible solution for your production optimization needs.

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